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Music from India & Tibet

Jahnavi Jayaprakash I – live concert Tropen Museum: The magic of her magnificent voice, haar awareness of the proper proportions and the emotioanl richness of her vocal power are only part of the qualities that made Jahnavi Jayaprakash into the most popular vocalist in Karnatic music. On this extraordinary concert recording she sings the rarely rendered Raga Shubha Pantuvarali. Ragam-Talum-Pallavi: Raga Malika; Raga: Shubha Pantuvarali; Tala: Jathi Dhruwa. With Hemanth Kumar, violin; Rajakesari, mrudanga (a dubble sided drum); Srihar, kanjira (like a small tamborine). (Recorded Amsterdam 1998).

VPRO radio program about "Jahnavi Jayaprakash - South India", music and interview (in Dutch). In April 2002 Jahnavi Jayaprakash passed away of a heart attack at only 53 years old. On this program Judith Pertz remembers this taled vocalist, who was also a dedicated teacher.
Jahnavi Jayaprakash live in Tropen mesuem

Double CD:TIBET Double CD: Journey to Little Tibet: You can enjoy the trip with us in listening to chanting monks, children's and women's songs, folk music, the marriage party and musical meetings with Judith. In the summer of 1999 we revisited our friends in Little Tibet to bring them the gifts and cash from the proceeds of our sales. We also made new recordings in woman's nunneries. this has resulted in the publication of a double CD of Journey to Little Tibet including these recordings.
Listen Sounds of Little Tibet 1
Listen Sounds of Little Tibet 2
Listen Sounds of Little Tibet 3
Listen Sounds of Little Tibet 4
Listen Sounds of Little Tibet 5
Listen Sounds of Little Tibet 6
Listen Sounds of Little Tibet 7
Listen Sounds of Little Tibet 8

Newsletter No. 2 Little Tibet

Translations of the songs and Buddhist prayers are included with the Double CD.


Music from Senegal, West Africa

MC: Journey to Senegal Cassette Journeys in Senegal:
Music recorded during Pertz's travels in Senegal, including woman's and children;'s songs, ceremonies, drums, balafon and kora artists.

The VPRO radio program: Journeys in Senegal includes several tracks from this cassette and an interview in Dutch with Judith Pertz. Regularly fluitist Judith Pertz travels to Senegal to make contacts with local musicians, like the kora players Aliou en Bouly Diawara, the bougarabou player Bakary Diedhiou and many women and children. You can read of her experiences in her newsletters. Her recordings are published at her own expense, with the aim of giving the profit to the musicians, who often life in poverty.

CD ABARAKA! Aliou Diawara, Griot de Grand Coeur: Relax and enjoy his songs from the bottom of his heart: rocking gently in a quiet cove, dancing by firelight. This CD is one of the most popular of our collection.

Listen Abaraka 1
Listen Abaraka 2
Listen Abaraka 3

CD: Jelly Bouly Diawara Jelly Bouly Diawara: griot de kora: The powerful sonorous voice and kora of Bouly Diawara, the traditional troubadour of Diannah, Senegal, West Africa; Judith, flute; Aliou Diawara, bass guitar; Kélountang Diawara, djembé. Traditional songs of the Mandinge and Bouly's popular compositions. Accompanied by friends on guitar, bass guitar, drums, percussion and vocals. Recorded on location in Diannah, West Africa. Our meetings with Bouly are described in Newsletter Nr. 1 & 3 Senegal, West Africa.

Listen Bouly Diawara 1
Listen Bouly Diawara 2
Listen Bouly Diawara 3

CD Bougarab': Riding the Rhythm: The exuberance of Bakary Diedhiou, bougarabou and Judith Pertz, piccolo, carries you away into the heart-dance of African Diola rhythms. Bougarabou is a percussion instrument consisting of three to five large drums of differing sizes, supported on a standard and played by one person with jingling metal bracelets) Recorded on location: Ziguenchor, Senegal, West Africa. See Newsletters Nr. 1 and Nr.3 Senegal/ Casamance

An interview with Bakary Diedhiou and his teacher Aliou Bodjan is also available. The text describes the tradition of the Bougarabou in the Diola Culture and the life of Bakary Diedhiou.

Listen Bakary Diedhou, Bougarabou; Pertz, piccolo
Listen Bakary Diedhou, Bougarabou solo
Bougarab':Riding the Rhythm

Tamtam-Sacree CD Tam-tam Sacrée
Balafon speler Jules Suleyman met zijn groep. Balaphonist Jules Suleyman with his group. The Balaphone is an African hand-made wooden xylophone. The resonance is provided by specially picked and tuned calabashes. Each calabash corresponds with one stave of the balaphone. Rooted in the tradition music of the Balante tribe. Trance, nostalgia and the joy of dance at the new year's party. With balaphon, djembé, mbongo (a huge box with tiny iron saws to pluck on), flute and more. Mbongo is een grote houten doos als klankkast met ijzeren zaagjes om te tokkelen.

Music for Tranquillity and/or Meditation

CD Samaria: flute waters run to the sea Samaria: flute waters run to the sea: Flute improvisations recorded in the Samaria Gorge on Crete, Greece. The clear warm sound of the flute blends with the natural sounds and silences into joy, peace and contemplation.

Listen to a fragment of Samaria
India Inspiration CD India Inspiration: a mix of Western and Indian meditative music - pure, moving and yet powerful - the rich warm dark tone of the alto Boëhm flute with tampoura. Judith Pertz, alto flute; Mohammmad Sayeed Kahn, vocals; John Munsey, bass tamboura.

Listen to the sound of India Inspiration.

Music by Judith Pertz:

fluitist, componist and performer

CD "...and a Window": "...and a window":
where the light shines
for all who think
it's getting late."
(Vlatjeslav Koeprianov)
Paintings of Bart Filet and Dutch/ Flemish/ Russian poetry are the sources of inspiration. Romantic modern music with influences from jazz, classical and world music's. Reflecting the search for spirituality through life. Judith Pertz: flutes, voice and compositions; Bam Commijs: piano; Tatyana Logatscheva: cello; Alan Purves: drums and percussion; Simon Planting: double bass.

Listen to fragment "Doors"
Listen to a fragment "Conflict"
Listen to a fragment "Ontdroef"
Listen to a fragment "Tune 1"
Listen to a fragment "Magico"
Listen to a fragment "...and a Window"
CD:...and a wIndow

CD "Unique Dialogue (Uniek Gesprek)": A Unique Dialogue is a multimedia musical composition inspired by the moving paintings series of Lieve Dejonghe. In this series Lieve combines realistic fine painting of an unusually high quality with powerful images. The paintings were shown together with 8 speakers around the public combined with a live performance.
The music is a combination of recordings made during the travels of Pertz, street and nature sounds and her own compositions. The sound collage is also digitally and electronically enhanced, echoing the powerful emotions of the paintings. This limited edition CD is a stereo recording of a live performance.
A Unique Dialogue

MC:Woman & the Winds Cassete Woman and the Winds, Sound-collage Composition: Sounds of nature, woman and children from Senegal and Little Tibet interwoven with compositions of Judith Pertz. The thread is the power and powerlessness anger and joy of women, through life's labyrinth towards a new beginning.

Cassette Flute Journeys with Judith Pertz: a music kaleidoscope with Judith on flute, alto flute, piccolo and ocarina with harp, healing bowls, tampoura and percussion. This production (1991) is only available on cassette. Special offer! With an order of €50 or more, you receive a free copy. Please mention this offer with your order. Send an email for information:

Phoenix Cassette De Phoenix en het (ongrijpbare) Verlangen (The Phoenix and the (Intangible) Desire: Dutch and Flemish poetry woven with classical, jazz and Judith's own compositions -- a mirror of desires from childhood to the grave and beyond. Judith, flute and voice.

CD Trio Pretzel & Comm: (18 min.) Jazz standards (Parker, Bonfi, Pettiford, Commijs) & improvisations with Judith Pertz, flute and voice; Bam Commijs, piano; Simon Planting, bass.

Listen to the sound of Pretzel & Comm.

Grandma's Story (CD)

& Grandma's Book (Autobiography)

CD Grandma's Story "Yussel in America": Ruth Smith (b. 1902-2003, USA) grew up in a neighborhood of Jewish immigrants from Poland and Russia. Yussel and his family are typical of the experiences her family and the immigrants had at that time. With extraordinary vitality and expression for her age, Ruth Smith portrays life as it was for them in the USA in story and song. She presented her show between 1984 and 1989 in Haddassah groups all around Florida USA. Ruth enjoyed singing a good song, up until her 101st year.

Listen to Grandma's voice

Ruth also wrote her autobiography: Grandma's Book: Published Spring 2001
Grandma's Story

Grandma's Book

Grandma’s Book: Ruth Smith, 1902-2003, wrote the story of her life between the years 1994 to 1996. She first tells about stories she remembers about her parents, starting in Poland in 1854! She goes on to describe her life and family customs, growing up in a tightly knit Jewish community in Brooklyn, New York. She is very open about the problems and joys in her life, her marriages and her children. Several family members have contributed with anecdotes and praise of Ruth.

Ruth has a genuine gift of storytelling, so the book makes for a fascinating read. In English. Published in 2001.

Lonneke met Ground Control-Pilates

CD: Pilates - Lonneke Melis This CD is currently available in the Dutch language.

Klik hier Voor meer informatie over deze CD en de lessen van Lonneke Melis in het Nederlands


Boeken door Judith Pertz

Book: The Flute Journey

Book: The Great Flute Journey

In The year 2001-2002 Judith Pertz made a musical travels to Russia, Kalmykkia, Georgia, South India, Senegal and Mauritania in West Africa, Myanmar, South Korea and Japan. She describes her experience in this book. Published October 2002. In English, with two short additions in Dutch.

Listen to music and an interviews about the Great Flute Journey (In dutch) on the archieves of the VPRO:

The Great Flute Journey Part One

The Great Flute Journey Part Two

The Great Flute Journey Part Three

Music & Dyslexia: A Guide for Instrumental Music Teachers

For more information about this book,
see Pertz's web pages on:
Music & Dyslexia
Music & Dyslexia is written for instrumental teachers and it is also interesting for parents with dyslectic children. You will read background information about dyslexia and many tips and directions about how to approach dyslectics in the music lesson. This book is available in English and Dutch. In het Nederlands en Engles verkrijgbaar.

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