Jelena Vrzic's Aikido Essential Philosophy

"This is how I see Aikido and I deeply believe in it. When understood in its implicit meaning of harmony and love, Aikido can be practiced without forceful atemis (punches) and painful arm locks.

"Uke (the partner who practises attack) offers the initial impulse which tori (the partner who pactises aikido technique) then uses to unbalance his or her movement and continues to do so throughout the technique. Tori applies this unbalancing act by shifting his center of gravity, using minimal strength. Tori skillfully aligns Ukes movement to his or her own through simple contact or through arm locks on hands elbows or shoulders. The movements of control and manipulation are mostly circular or spiral forms of elegance and beauty.

Effective Aikido technique lies in constant fluid movement in which Uke never quite recovers his or her stance and is kept suspended on the verge of balance. In Aikido we speak of the Hara. Hara means the energy center of a person. Aikido represents the debate of two Haras. The other body parts form a link between them. In this process the two energies meet and unify for a while - becoming one and the same - after which they diverge without deciding on the victorious outcome of one and the defeat of the other, without domination or pain. All that remains after the separation of the Haras is the feeling of satisfaction for having experienced another's energy. For me, that is the greatest value of Aikido. Is it not the same with the principle that unites our body and spirit in the creation of life?! This is how I see Aikido and I deeply believe in it."

Jelena Vrzic, August 2015

Open the explanation of Basic Principles from 10-day seminar Jelena Vrizc in The Netherlands February 2016

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  • From 16 to 23 august 2016 the summer school of Jelena Vrzic will tke place in mountains of Serbia. The theme of the seminar is Jo, Boken and Ki no Ren Ma the spiritual part of Aikido (breathing, energy etcetera.) There is a lake and swimming pool nearby and the possibility to go hiking. There is a natural health center in the neighborhood for many kinds of physical problems using mineral waters, massage and other healing techniques.

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