Jelena Vrzic's Aikido history

"Aikido is complete in itself. When a door is opening, you always see another two, When you go through these doors you may see ten more doors, a never ending process."

Jelena started aikido in Belgrade 1979. Her first teacher was Jovica Stanojevic . He studied aikido from Tada Sensei and attended many of his seminars in Italy.
“Jovica Stanojevic was so special, he died at 32. At that moment he was so wise, so deep… when he was speaking, everyone who heard him became silent. I when I earned my first dan he was the first person I called.”

She studied with Tada Sensei, Fujimoto Sensei, Hosokawa Sensei, Ikeda Sensei, Yokota Sensei and in hombu dojo and major European teachers.

She enjoys learning as well as teaching.
"From the moment I started to practice aikido, I never needed to learn another martial art. Aikido so wide and so deep and it has so many challenges and space for researching. For example:

  • How is the body position?
  • What is the energy of the partner?
  • What can you do with your partner's energy and movements?
  • How to control your feelings, going past provocations, to manage physically and psychologically?"
"This is how I see Aikido and I deeply believe in it.... Read more
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